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The Waxenmoor Mysteries
(Under Development)

Unravel the Enigma of Waxenmoor!

Step into a world veiled in mist and mystery, where the moors hold secrets that defy the senses. In the heart of a snowbound wilderness, you find yourself marooned in a secluded log cabin. The howling winds and biting cold are your only companions, or so you thought...

A message arrives, shrouded in enigma, from your vanished friend, Alex. It speaks of legends, dark forces, and a town on the edge of the unknown. As the snowstorm rages outside, you embark on a remote investigation, delving into the Waxenmoor Mysteries.

Communicate solely through phone, message, and video, uncovering a labyrinth of secrets that echo through the ages. Every revelation unveils another layer of intrigue, hinting at the supernatural forces that have held Bryston Hollow in their grip for generations.

Forge alliances with a cast of captivating characters, each guarding their own enigmatic pasts. Abigale, Eddy, Tish, and a tapestry of others will guide you through a web of riddles and legends that echo through the ages.

Piece together the fragments of an ancient prophecy, forgotten by time, and unearth the cataclysmic events that loom on the horizon. The chilling echoes of the moors hold the key to unravelling the truth, but the path is fraught with peril.

As night descends and shadows deepen, you'll navigate a treacherous landscape, discovering that even allies may bear hidden agendas. The Waxenmoor Mysteries entwine past and present, weaving a tale of suspense, supernatural phenomena, and the untold power that courses through the very earth.

Prepare to journey deep into the heart of darkness. Can you unveil the truth that lurks beneath the surface? The moors guard their secrets, and the fate of Bryston Hollow hangs in the balance.

Are you ready to confront the Waxenmoor Mysteries?