Welcome To Boxblue Studios

Boxblue Studios is a brand-new independent game development studio based in the UK. We're a small team of passionate gamers and aspiring developers who are just getting started on our journey to create the next big thing in gaming.

As a new studio, we know we have a lot to learn and a long road ahead. But we're excited to take on the challenge and committed to delivering high-quality, fun, and engaging games that our players will love.

We specialize in Point & Click Adventure Games, and we're always experimenting with new ideas and technologies to create fresh and innovative gaming experiences. Our goal is to build a loyal community of gamers who share our love of games and our vision for the future of gaming.

We may be new to the scene, but we're dedicated to growing and improving every day. We value your feedback and support and invite you to join us on this exciting journey. Follow us and be the first to know about our latest projects and updates.

Thank you for checking out Boxblue Studios; we can't wait to share our games with you!


The Adventures of R Sole : Nothing, Nowhere & Not At The Same Time

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Get Ready for an Epic Multiverse Adventure! Prepare to embark on a side-splitting journey through the multiverse, packed with witty dialogue, mind-bending puzzles, and unforgettable characters!

The Waxenmoor Mysteries - In Development, Coming To Andriod

The Waxenmoor Mysteries Banner

Delve into the enigma of Waxenmoor! Employ your investigative prowess to uncover and evaluate clues, engage in conversations and interrogations, and unravel the mysteries, all through the power of your phone.

The Adventures Of R Sole

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Explore The Prologue

Experience "The Adventures of R. Sole"! Join our hapless hero, R. Sole, as he's catapulted into a multiverse of mayhem and mischief. Armed with sarcasm and impatience, he's on a mission to save reality itself. No pressure, right?

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Tell Us What You Think

Whether you adore or despise our game, kindly share your feedback through our survey. Your input will help us understand what we're excelling at and where we need improvement.

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Help Us Grow

Your contributions will enable us to enhance the game's features, create breathtaking visuals, and bring an unforgettable gaming experience right to your fingertips. We're committed to delivering a high-quality product, and with your support, we can take it to the next level..

Meet The Team

Picture of Lee Ciasullo

Lee Ciasullo
Designer & Animation

"I grew up in Stourbridge in the West Midlands, UK, which during that period was a good place for the music scene and had a nice arty vibe. It was before shell suits and Lynx Africa..."

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Picture of Ryan Love

Ryan Love

"...my passion for storytelling didn't fully flourish until later. I owe a debt of gratitude to my late uncle, Michael Dodd, who introduced me to classics like "Resident Evil," "Metal Gear Solid," "Final Fantasy 7," and "Silent Hill" (let's overlook the age ratings for now, shall we?)."

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